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Harris Luxury Products formerly known as Boy King Enterprise, a fashion merchandise mail-order Company located in Chicago, was founded by the combined efforts of two families- the Harris family of Beverly Hills California and the Harris family of Chicago. Although distant cousins , the Harris family of Beverly Hills acted as the parent Company controlling day-to day operations while the Harris family of Chicago dealt with the receiving orders and shipments of merchandise from Branch Offices across the Country to include Milwaukee's Jefferson Hall on north Fondulac.

Hard work? Yes! Inventory of merchandise, mailing of product catalogs, brochures and colorful circulars; even more so, trying to protect the business from catalog thieves who stole your 100 page booklet from the mail reselling it throughout Urban Communities for fraction of the cost.........However, we were not the only ones dealing with such thievery. other mail-order giants such as Sears, Roebuck and Company, Motgomery Ward, Aladdin and a few others that had catalogs widely distributed in the United States and Canada, were dealing with the same problem. .......unfortunately, in 1993 throughout 1995 Sears discontinued its general mail-order catalog and soon others were to follow.

Retail giants like Wal - Mart stepped up to the plate becoming the largest retailer in the world. Recently, Victoria secret discontinued their lingerie catalog leaving the door open for others to step up. .....Nevertheless, overwhelmed by increase pressure, profit losses and defective products from China, the Harris family of Beverly Hills decided to close their doors for more of a promising career in music publishing and hip-hop that was sweeping the Country changing how Americans feel. Standing against all odds for nearly five years without any support from our Beverly Hills cousins, the Harris family of Chicago didn't give in to pressure but stayed completely focused launching quick startups (Napoleon Koffe, Harris famous Cookies) on small to medium size budgets.........However, our operations remained in a state-of flux. The Country was in a period of hysteria, the feminist movements had ended and the family setting (Good Times, The Jefferson, All in the Family) all were gone replaced by street gangs and black power movements. .......with sales dropping at an all time low the Harris family went from selling cheap patched work leather jackets to incense and body alarm protectors. Soon all the money was gone and investors started to close their doors.

our Milwaukee President Margaret Harris finally stepped down and eventually pass-on into a problem free world. But she left behind one major hope, her son! That of course, would be me! I quickly went from sales rep to CEO and head of all departments operating solo. ....we needed a new approach to an old and broken down problem. We needed a sellable product that could compliment the Harris family and our legendary business of mail-order.( today its called Direct Mail ) That said, I quickly refined our business model, assembled a team of Eggheads(product development team) to carry us into 2015. That's exactly what they did. ....In 2015 while keeping in line with our comprehensive approach and mission statement, we change the name from Boy King Enterprises to Harris Luxury Products. Approaching friends in Portugal Spain and several Italian leather manufacturers seeking low cost quality manufacturing they all agreed to help. Investing $ 20,000 with my new friends, Harris Luxury Products started to bounce back. .....our new product line is private label luxury handbags and shoes under our brand "OFELIA" which we slogan as " beautiful".

Our products are handmade in Italy and Spain by artisans who believe in quality, style and elegance. .....So if you want to standout from the crowd ( all eyes on you ) and add a touch of class to your wardrobe purchase the Ofelia bag. Examine it! Smell it! Feel it! Cherish it! And you will soon realize the elegance none other can compare. Say Ofelia...Say beautiful! ...from the Staff.